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Consultation and Procedure Fees

Dr Jones is happy to see all patients with hair disorders. Please note that in view of the fact that many insurers will not cover the cost of a consultation regarding hair loss, all consultations for hair disorders, will be requested to pay before the consultation.  Individuals may wish to pass on the receipt for the consultation costs, if insured, according to their cover arrangements.

Self payers will also be asked to pay before their appointment.

Please note that cancellations made within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a charge of up to £100.

Dr Jones is fee assured with all major insurance companies

A hospital charge for procedures will be added to cover the cost of providing materials, nursing cover etc. This charge is separate from the medical consultation charge and is billed by the hospital directly.

Processing and examination of specimens sent for histology is billed separately via the hospital and is again independent of the medical consultation charge.


The hospital may charge up to 5% on credit and direct debit card transactions.

If you are insured, we would recommend that, before going ahead with a consultation or procedure, you contact your insurance company to check details of your cover and to obtain an authorisation code. Depending on your insurance company and the nature of your insurance policy, there may be an excess and it is the responsibility of the patient to cover any outstanding amounts.

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