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Alopecia (Hair loss) 

Dr Jen Jones treats Alopecia (hair loss)

Alopecia or hair thinning, is common and is often very distressing, especially for woman. Women presenting with thinning hair often describe themselves as feeling less confident and less attractive so it is essential that hair loss is taken seriously.

There are a number of different causes and it is important to make the correct diagnosis so that the correct treatment may be instituted.

Causes of hair loss can be broadly divided into scarring and non-scarring. Scarring should be diagnosed early, as once scarring has set in the hair will not regrow. 

If you suffer with hair loss Dr Jones will initially take a detailed history and may carry out a number of blood tests to make sure your levels are normal. Occasionally a scalp biopsy may be taken to confirm the diagnosis so that treatment may be instituted accordingly. This is a relatively pain-free and quick procedure. She will only carry out a biopsy if necessary and after a detailed discussion with you. 

Dr Jones will discuss the treatment options to establish the safest and most appropriate regime for you.

She understands the impact losing hair can have on self confidence and she also works closely with a clinical psychologist who specialises in helping people suffering from hair loss.

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